07/01/2010 04:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

LeBron James Bulls Jerseys Were On Sale At NBA Store

Anyone who's been near a computer or television recently knows that there's been some speculation about the fate of a certain LeBron James, and where this James character might be headed next year.

Frenzied reporters and fans are hoping to read the tea leaves on where the newly-minted free agent might sign -- with Miami, New York, New Jersey and Chicago seen as leading contenders. Here's a pretty juicy tea leaf for Chicago fans: did the NBA accidentally leak that LeBron was headed to the Bulls... on its online store?

Chicago Breaking Sports, a blog affiliated with the Chicago Tribune, was perusing Bulls jerseys this morning on, and came across this gem:

That's right, sports fans: a LeBron James jersey, sitting right alongside the rest of the team's jerseys, complete with his newly chosen #6. (And why isn't he #23 anymore? Is that number retired anywhere?)

The blog explains:

Anyone can go to the NBA store and customize a jersey with any number and name and while this was listed as such, it appeared on a page with all other available Bulls jerseys.

Shortly after the story was posted, the jersey was taken down from the store. Cover-up, anyone?