'Friday Night Lights' Zach Gilford On Facebook Emmy Campaign

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NEW YORK — Thousands of fans on Facebook are pushing for "Friday Night Lights" actor Zach Gilford to be included when the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Award nominations are announced in a week.

Gilford plays Matt Saracen in the high school football drama that debuted in 2006. It airs first on DirectTV and later in the year on NBC.

So far, more than 8,600 people on the social networking site "like" the idea of Gilford getting an Emmy. Fans say they're particularly impressed with his acting in a recent storyline where Saracen's father was killed while serving in the military in Iraq.

Gilford, 28, who actually left the show in its current fourth season, says he appreciates the effort. He returns for a story arc in the show's fifth and reported final season, which is now filming.

"It actually makes sense for him to show back up," says Gilford of Saracen's return to the show's fictional town of Dillon, Texas. "It's not just this kind of fluff, like, let's find a way to bring characters back. I think he plays a pivotal role in what's going on with some of the characters who are still around."

Gilford says he doesn't know why the show has never been a ratings success.

"I've never spoken to anyone whose watched the show and been like, 'Yeah, I watched it once. Not really for me,'" he said. "It's either, 'Yeah, I've heard about it. I've never actually watched,' or they're, 'Oh my God, it's my favorite show I've ever seen' and they freak out."

The primetime Emmy nominations will be announced July 8.




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