BP Gets Preferential Treatment Compared To Lindsay Lohan, Says Lawyer Suing Oil Giant

07/07/2010 06:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

David Perry, the lawyer suing BP over the safety of its Atlantis deepwater oil drilling platform, says that there is a double standard in the legal system that benefits the oil giant -- when Lindsay Lohan violates her probation, she goes to jail; when BP violates its probation, nothing happens.

Five years ago, Perry sued BP over another fatal explosion, this one at an oil refinery in Texas City where 15 people were killed in March 2005. After it was found guilty of a felony for violating the federal Clean Air Act, the oil giant was sentenced to a three-year probationary period. But that hasn't stopped it from continued violations.

"You have an individual like Lindsay Lohan, who violates their probation and their probation gets revoked and they go to jail. BP violates their probation and nothing happens," said Perry. "It's not a good lesson to teach our children."

In the wake of the Gulf Coast oil spill, victims and their families hope to rekindle an investigation into the causes of the Texas City disaster of 2005. Perry claims that what happened in Texas is part of a pattern by the embattled company.

"The Texas City refinery explosion in 2005 that killed 15 people was caused because BP did not have accurate documents," Perry told HuffPost in an interview. "They made changes without documenting them and their procedures were out of date... What we see with BP's history is that they tend not to follow proper procedures and the fact that they don't causes disasters."

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