MoAD: Museum of the African Diaspora In San Francisco

07/13/2010 01:39 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Museum of the African Diaspora
685 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94105-4126

ABOUT THE MUSEUM: An international museum, based in San Francisco, MoAD is committed to showcasing the "best of the best" from the African Diaspora. To facilitate this, MoAD reaches out and initiates collaborative ventures with institutions of similar vision from around the world. Already, the museum has forged rich relationships with the British Museum, the Museum of African Art (NY), Eileen Harris Norton and Peter Norton, and the University of California Berkeley, amongst others.


WHO: Bryan Wiley

WHAT: African Continuum: Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals

WHEN: March 20th - August 28th, 2010

WHY: Bryan Wiley is a photojournalist who has traveled the Atlantic Black diaspora documenting altars and ritual practices by African descendants and in doing so, illuminates continuities in beliefs and customs of descendants of former slave populations. Wiley uses the concept of altar (a high place of veneration) as a vehicle for intersections in art and history. Altars, in many cultures represent sites of ritual communication that often open a pathway to divine consciousness with the supernatural world. They also act as a place of public social interaction and intervention that explores disruption and continuity of African peoples and their descendants. (From the MOAD website.)