07/12/2010 01:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Wildest World Cup Celebrations (PHOTOS)

From sheer ecstasy in Spain to disappointment in Holland -- and everything in between around the globe -- it was a long night filled with tension and nervous joy as Spain beat the Netherlands 1-0 in the World Cup's final match.

Around the globe, revelers took to the streets of their various cities to watch Spain's Andres Iniesta score in the 116th minute and effectively clinch the game. Not surprisingly, street parties instantly broke out in Madrid and Barcelona, with revelers lighting impromptu fireworks and diving headfirst into fountains.

Fans across Europe, Thailand and even Afghanistan also joined the celebration, though it was a muted night in the Netherlands, where plans for a victory parade had been scrapped.

See photos of soccer fans celebrating Spain's victory around the world:

Fans Celebrate World Cup Victory