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Referee Run Over By Two-Year-Old In Golf Cart (VIDEO)

First Posted: 07/13/10 03:27 PM ET Updated: 05/25/11 06:05 PM ET

Referee Run Over Golf Cart

A high school referee claims he was run over by an out-of-control two-year-old driving a golf cart.

According to KATU, Springfield, Ore. resident Kenneth Brooks says the incident happened when he was walking across the field before a game in October 2008. At the time, Thurston High School employees allegedly left a golf cart unattended on the sideline -- with the keys still in the ignition. A two-year-old toddler slipped past the employees, sitting in the unoccupied vehicle. The child somehow hit the accelerator, and the cart took off, according to the lawsuit.

Brooks, unaware of what was happening behind him, continued to walk. He says he was pummeled by the runaway vehicle, flying through the air and coming to a hard fall.

He suffered a disc herniation, a concussion, an occipital contusion, a cervical strain, a lumbar strain, and a calf abrasion. Yet Brooks still somehow managed to referee a portion of the game before being removed to receive medical treatment.

Now Brooks is filing a lawsuit against the school district of Springfield, stating that negligence was the reason for the injuries he sustained. He is seeking $264,722.51 for damages and medical expenses because of the incident. Scroll down to see the video of the collision.

WATCH (via KATU and Deadspin):


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