07/14/2010 05:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Hemmer: Democrats Won't Come On 'America's Newsroom' But 'Our Door Is Wide Open'

Bill Hemmer's reponse to the accusation that he doesn't talk to enough Democrats on his Fox News show? It's their fault for not wanting to come on.

Hemmer, who co-hosts "America's Newsroom" weekdays on Fox News, was the subject of a column by Howard Kurtz in Monday's Washington Post. While Kurtz had many kind words for Hemmer, he rapped the anchor on the knuckles for what he saw as the heavy conservative tilt of Hemmer's guests:

The bookings on the two-hour program, and sometimes the story selection, tilt markedly to the right.

The first solo guest on every show but one, from June 1 through July 2, was a Republican or conservative... By contrast, a relative handful of Democratic lawmakers were given solo spots, while Democratic strategists were generally paired in debates with Republican counterparts.

Appearing on fellow Fox News host Brian Kilmeade's radio show Wednesday morning, Hemmer said that he and his bookers are always trying to get Democrats on the air, but they often refuse:

"I think viewers need to many phone calls our bookers make every day trying to get Democratic lawmakers to come on our is not without effort. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid? Here's the red carpet, man...our door is wide open to anyone in the Democratic Party who wants to come on and share their views on 'America's Newsroom.' Come on, we welcome you."

Listen to the audio here.