Fox Business Segment On Runaway Toyotas Teased With An Awkwardly Sad Song (VIDEO)

07/14/2010 01:56 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Earlier today, the Fox Business Network decided to tease a segment on unexpected acceleration in Toyotas with an odd musical choice.

A Toyota internal investigation and a preliminary government report, Reuters notes today, suggests that driver error may have played a bigger role in some of the Toyota throttle problems than previously thought. A full government decision on issue has is not expected for months.

Apparently wanting to make light of the situation, which has resulted as many as 89 deaths, Fox Business decided to use a semi-ironic musical accompaniment. As the network headed to commercial, the host said, "Finally some answers in the case of those runaway Toyotas, but we may be very surprised to hear the cause of the problem...."

The music accompanying the tease? "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman. If you haven't heard the song, it's incredibly depressing. Possibly as depressing as the Toyota recall itself.

WATCH the Fox Business segment below:

And check out the video for "Fast Car":