Apple Press Conference: Follow iPhone Announcement LIVE

07/16/2010 01:21 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- Apple Inc. is holding a press conference at its Silicon Valley headquarters Friday morning to talk about its latest iPhone model.

Apple hasn't said what, specifically, it plans to say about the iPhone 4. It's likely the company will respond to complaints about the smart phone's antenna and Consumer Reports magazine's refusal to endorse the gadget until the problems are resolved.

But it's not known whether the company will take any steps to ameliorate the problem, from handing out free cases to issuing a recall for the device.

Only a "handful of folks" have been invited, but that shouldn't stop you from following it "live," as it happens.

All Things D, Engadget, ZDNet, CNET, and MacWorld will be among the sites live blogging Apple's announcement.

Consumer Reports said earlier this week that holding the phone a certain way interferes with reception. Covering a spot on the phone with duct tape or some sort of case can help people avoid the problem.

Apple hasn't commented on the report, which echoed complaints from some early iPhone 4 buyers.

Apple did acknowledge that gripping the phone in a way that covered a spot on the left-hand edge of the phone. It also said a software error makes it seem that iPhones are getting better reception than they actually are.

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