Kim Kardashian Cuts Carbs, Dons Bikini (PHOTO)

07/16/2010 09:23 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kim Kardashian is on a diet, she tells fans in time for her new Life & Style bikini cover featuring "Kim's New Slim-Down Tips." But it's all about health, not weight loss, she says as she plugs the Kardashian-endorsed diet drug.

"I started no carbs today & QuickTrim. I know its early but so far so good today! I may need your guys help when I have cravings! Sweet tooth," Kim tweeted Wednesday.

She was still sticking to her carb-free diet Thursday night.

"Ok I was good, didn't break my healthy streak! I'm not trying to lose weight just need to train myself to not eat as much sugar,not good 4 u," she wrote.

It seems the Kardashians spend much of their lives in bikinis on the cover of magazines.