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07/19/2010 06:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Bill Gates Disrupted By 'Robin Hood' Protest At International AIDS Conference (VIDEO)

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates hoped to use his appearance at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna to outline a new economic plan, designed to turn the epidemic around.

Unfortunately for the noted philanthropist, his speech was preceded by roughly 50 protesters, who donned green Robin Hood-style hats and jerseys. Chanting "No retreat, tax and retreat," the protesters ascended the podium to demand a tax on international financial transactions in order to pay for AIDS treatment.

Gates took the protest in stride, even hugging one protester before giving his speech. He acknowledged new funding is sorely needed, but went on to suggest increasing discounts on drugs further as well as cutting back on personnel and equipment costs involved in delivering them to patients.

Watch a clip of the "Robin Hood" protest here:

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