Greg Norman's Sister BASHES Chris Evert: Wedding Was 'When The Unraveling Began'

07/19/2010 03:33 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

According to Greg Norman's older sister Janis, the marriage between her brother and his ex-wife Chris Evert never had a chance. She tells the Daily Mail that the couple's wedding was the day "when the unraveling began."

"[Evert] became very dominating and controlling and it became very apparent she was treating my brother badly," Janis said. Claiming that the marriage was "doomed" from the start, she went on to say the wedding "was the beginning of the end."

Before the divorce, Norman and Evert released a statement which said, "We will remain friends and supportive of one another's family." Evert later said she will never be friends with Norman.

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