Los Angeles County Museum on Fire: Bert Cooper's Freaky Octopus Picture

07/19/2010 09:39 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • lacmaonfire.blogspot.com

Mad Men is one of the few TV series in which the creators know something about art (unlike, say, Work of Art). Not only are the Sterling Cooper offices a wet dream of mid-century modern design, but one of the characters is an art collector. That's founding partner Bert Cooper, played by Robert Morse. He's an Ayn Rand-reading Japanophile who covets Rothko as well as traditional Asian art. Cooper's most recherche prize, revealed on the third season's opening episode, is a print of a woman being ravished by two octopuses. Gloating over the acquisition, Cooper asks, "Who is the man who imagined her ecstasy?"

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