07/19/2010 03:30 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Tourists 'Forced To Shop' In Hong Kong

China's National Tourism Administration has issued a travel advisory for Hong Kong after a video of mainland tourists being insulted and "forced to shop" by a Hong Kong tour guide sparked outrage on the Internet, according to MSNBC.

"An undated video clip currently circulating on the Internet shows a Hong Kong tour guide allegedly abusing a group of visitors from the Chinese mainland and forcing them to shop, triggering a backlash from the mainland public," the Xinhua news agency said.

Budget Chinese tour packages often take tourists to shops which return a percentage of the sales revenue to the agency, a practice that is increasingly common on mainland China and overseas tours offered by Chinese agencies.

Back in May, a 65-year old tourist died from a heart attack in Hong Kong after arguing with a tour guide after being forced to shop.