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20 Republicans Against The War In Afghanistan (VIDEO)

First Posted: 07/21/10 05:24 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:10 PM ET

It's not just liberal Democrats who are calling for American troops to come home from Afghanistan. A small but growing number of Republicans are coming out against the war -- or at least how President Obama is conducting it.

WATCH a video mash-up of Republicans speaking out against a war they view as involving us in a fight we simply may not be able to win. Then VOTE in our slideshow for the person whose statements you think are the most surprising.

(Video by Ben Craw)

George F. Will
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Conservative columnist George F. Will was part of the roundtable on ABC's "This Week" back in April, and lamented the failure of the current strategy in Afghanistan, which he said was quite clearly "nation-building."

Will became the first major conservative columnist to call for a withdrawal when he wrote in September that it was "Time to Get Out of Afghanistan".
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