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Yahoo DOWN? Yahoo Account Issues Reported By Users

First Posted: 07/22/10 04:50 PM ET Updated: 05/25/11 06:10 PM ET

Is Yahoo down?

While it seems to be working now, users reported issues accessing their Yahoo accounts earlier today (see tweets below).

According to the site, Yahoo suffered a "widespread service disruption" at around 2:45PM ET.

Did you have issues accessing Yahoo earlier today? Tell us in the comments below.

#Yahoo was down for a bit but now it seems to be working a lil better now! Not all the way there yet!!less than a minute ago via web

wtf is wrong with yahoo? it's not working. i thought it was just me but I just checked and it's not me...I needs my mail.less than a minute ago via web

can someone see if they can log on it's not working for meless than a minute ago via Echofon


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