07/23/2010 06:22 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Morgan Freeman On The Importance Of Being Prepared When A Natural Disaster Hits

As if the Gulf Coast didn't have enough problems cleaning up BP's mess, the threat of Tropical Storm (now Tropical Depression) Bonnie presents even bigger issues. When a hurricane hits there can be an immense amount of damage. But what if people were better prepared?

In a CNN Video, actor Morgan Freeman speaks out about the importance of being prepared for a big storm. Freeman works in coordination with the support group PLAN!T NOW to help educate people on how to be better prepared when faced with the threat of tornadoes and hurricanes. The group stresses that no matter where you live, a natural disaster can happen at any time, and it makes a big difference if you are best equipped when disaster strikes.

In 2004, Freeman published a cookbook to raise money and create awareness for the Grenada Relief Fund and continues to advocate for awareness and preparedness before and after any natural disaster.

Watch Freeman speak out about the approaching hurricane and learn how you can support PLAN!T NOW.