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Charles Robinson: Rick Reilly Is 'Total Idiot,' 'Why People Die'

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ESPN columnist Rick Reilly recently traveled to Pamplona to attend the Running of the Bulls, and his actions there have angered a prominent Yahoo! sportswriter. Charles Robinson, a senior writer at Yahoo!, has run with bulls four times and was disgusted that Reilly swatted bulls with a newspaper, all in the name of writing a column.

"He endangered other runners," Robinson tweeted. "He's why people die." The sportswriter was just getting started on Reilly. Robinson called the ESPN columnist a "jackass," "ass," "idiot," "moron" and a practitioner of "piss poor journalism."

Scroll down to see Robinson's entire rant.

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Who is right?

Rick Reilly -- he was just having fun.

Charles Robinson -- Reilly needlessly endangered those around him.


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