07/27/2010 03:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Memphis Police CRUSH Program To Be Used In The U.K., Like 'Minority Report' Uses Predictive Crime Technology To Prevent Criminal Activity (VIDEO)

Two police departments in Britain have implemented Crime Reduction Utilizing Statistical History or CRUSH, which utilizes statistical data and mapping software to reduce and prevent crime.

In partnership with the University Of Memphis, CRUSH was first developed in 2005 by the Memphis Police Department in Tennessee and analyzes crime statistical data and identifies hot spots where criminal activity is more likely to occur. It can utilize data from sources ranging from criminal records and geographical crime statistics to weather reports.

"Once we put that information into the mapping software, you can see the crimes on the map," said John F. Williams, the crime analysis unit manager with the M.P.D. "It is the responsibility of the crime analysts to look at what's happening and develop focus areas."

The results can help police put out targeted patrols, checkpoints and other preventative policing measures.

While the program does not employ psychics like in the popular 2002 film, "Minority Report," it has proven to be surprisingly accurate in its forecasting. Since the Blue CRUSH Initiative began in Memphis five years ago, the M.P.D. has reported an overall crime reduction of 31 percent and a reduction of 15.4 percent in violent crimes. "This is more of a proactive tool than reacting after crimes have occurred," said Williams.