The CRAZIEST iPhone 4 Cases (PHOTOS)

07/30/2010 09:47 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Apple's iPhone 4 "Antenna-gate" controversy has resulted in a massive giveaway of free bumper cases for the device. "Cell phones aren't perfect," Steve Jobs said during an emergency press conference, "[but] we want to make all of our users happy."

If Apple delivers one case per phone, there could be about 3 million iPhone 4 devices wrapped in the same protective bumper. That sounds a tad monotonous, but there are other options (from the edible to the cuddly to the indestructible), though none are part of Apple's free offer. In fact, some of these non-Apple cases will set you back more than $30. Heck, one of them tops $20K. But you can't put a price on individuality (right?).

Check out some of the craziest iPhone cases around and vote for your favorite! Note: Some fit both an iPhone 3G and the new iPhone 4. Seen a crazier case for the iPhone 4? Email it to us or upload it using the "Add a Slide" tool below!

Craziest Cases For iPhone 4