Patrick J. Rogers, Michael Steele Ally, Threatens RNC With Legal Action Over Financial Disclosures

08/03/2010 11:03 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Patrick J. Rogers, a New Mexico member of the Republican National Committee and ally of Chairman Michael Steele, is threatening to take legal action if RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen continues to harp on the significance of inaccurate financial disclosures the committee filed with the Federal Election Committee, the Washington Times reports.

The warning comes on the heels of Pullen accusing RNC Chairman Michael Steele of concealing more than $7 million in debt in an attempt to mislead financial backers of the party.

The Washington Times reports:

Rogers told Treasurer Randy Pullen on committee letterhead that his disclosures about millions of dollars in unreported debt "are covered by attorney-client privilege or the fiduciary requirements of corporate officers."

At one point in his letter, Mr. Rogers, who is Mr. Steele's appointee to the RNC's powerful executive committee, tells Mr. Pullen that the "dissemination of sensitive information under the circumstances (as I understand them) appears problematic as a legal matter.

Pullen signaled he continues to be concerned about the release of the committee's next financial disclosure report due later this month.

"Based on the repeated demonstrated inability of this management team to get it right, I have grave concerns about the next FEC report," explained the committee treasurer.

The AP reports on the possible motivation for the RNC to distort its financial disclosures:

The new accusations were unlikely to inspire donors or quiet Steele's critics, who note the RNC is spending money more quickly than it has raised. Donors instead are looking at other Republican committees or independent conservative organizations, and the RNC could be a cash-poor player in November's midterm elections, when Republicans could make significant gains in House, Senate and gubernatorial races.

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