Stewart Rips Media For Excessive Coverage Of Clinton Wedding (VIDEO)

08/03/2010 09:11 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last night on "The Daily Show," Jon Stewart weighed in on what appeared to be the biggest story of last week: the wedding of Chelsea Clinton. Every news network had a crew camped out in Rhinebeck, NY to get any information possible on the extremely exclusive, secretive wedding ceremony, with most of them coming up with nothing but rumors and speculation.

Stewart mocked the media for speculating about every car or delivery truck to come in or out of Astor Court Estate, concluding that the wedding had the "most amount of media gaining the least amount of information." Specifically he used FOX News correspondant Courtney Friel as an example, who spent nearly 10 hours on the street in Rhinebeck grasping at any wedding information that wandered her way, including a Joe Pesci sighting and rumors of "Oprah's dog" being in attendance.

All in all, Stewart's biggest problem with the media's coverage of the wedding was that they put more time and effort in to reporting on it than on the "Wikileaks/Afghanistan story, the 9/11 responders insurance funding vote, and how tax cuts effect the deficit," combined. The fact that so little information could be attained about the wedding just added insult to injury.