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Rodney Harrison: Brett Favre Is Unfair To Teammates, Coaches & Fans

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Brett Favre reportedly said he was retiring on Tuesday. Today the 40-year-old says hasn't made up his mind yet. One thing is for sure: football fans across the country are sick of Favre's retirement flip-flopping.

Former NFL star Rodney Harrison is one of those people. Today on the Dan Patrick Show, Harrison called out Favre for being selfish and unfair.

"It's so unfair to your teammates, it's unfair to your coaches, it's unfair to the city, the organization that you keep leaving people hung out to dry like that," Harrison said. "I just think he loves the media attention. At 40 years old, you know if you want to grind through an 18-week season."

Harrison went on to say he would be angry if he were a member of the Vikings.

(Via Shutdown Corner)

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