Ferrell And Fallon Reunite For 'Fake Arms' Sketch (VIDEO)

08/05/2010 01:16 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Last night on "Late Night," Jimmy Fallon had special guest Will Ferrell by his side. The two reminisced about working together, but not on the show you'd think. Apparently the two once worked on a Canadian soap opera called "Jacob's Patience" in which Will Ferrell played a sandwich shop owner. Fallon admitted that because Ferrell was an "arm model" at the time, working with him was difficult because he and everyone on the show had to use fake mannequin arms. The two then gave the audience a taste of what "Jacob's Patience" was like. The whole thing felt like a "Saturday Night Live" sketch that never made it but totally should have. Also making it feel like an "SNL" sketch? Someone's (we won't name names) inability to not crack up the whole time.