Akbar Ahmed On Jon Stewart: Americans' Perception Of Islam Is Way Off Base (VIDEO)

08/06/2010 02:57 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Author and former ambassador of Pakistan to the UK Akbar Ahmed appeared on the Daily Show last night to discuss his new book "Journey Into America: The Challenge of Islam." Ahmed visited over 100 mosques over America, discovering that the religion often defied American preconceptions. While "Islam is often equated to Arab," the author found a strong community of African American Muslims.

Unlike today's attitudes of intolerance and suspicion, Ahmed observes that the founding fathers maintained a deep respect for Islam. He warns that there is a "danger of history being rewritten" by modern opponents who refuse to expand their understanding.

In order to ease the current difficulties, "Muslim leadership [has] to work much harder at explaining Islam to American colleagues and friends." Ahmed claims that America and Islam are too deeply connected for the current state of affairs to continue: "we need to understand Islam very, very quickly, and as you said, bring the temperature down."


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