08/09/2010 01:52 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tae Tae Davis Receives Presidential Volunteer Service Award For Starting Art Nonprofit...At 13

Tae Tae Davis received the President's Volunteer Service Award for her commitment to helping others and building a stronger community. The thirteen-year-old started her own nonprofit dedicated to providing art classes for homeless kids without access to proper art supplies.

Tae Tae started The Traveling Canvas after her school cut art supplies from the budget last year. She set a goal to raise money and supplies for an art program that would allow her and other students to do what they love: paint.

She began writing to big companies requesting supplies and soon after received a flood of donations from some of the biggest names in art supplies. Tae Tae ended up collecting more than $32,000 in supplies, enough to fill her school's classrooms and share with homeless kids in the area.

When asked how she felt about receiving the award Tae Tae said, "I knew that I needed to stop the worry, and be the change that I wanted to see."

While receiving the award was nice bonus, Tae Tae does it all for different reasons: her love of art and helping others.