08/09/2010 08:06 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

University Of Central Florida Coach Approved On-Campus Playboy Playmate Shoot

George O'Leary, a University of Central Florida coach, has admitted to allowing Axis magazine to shoot photos and video of a UCF cheerleader (and Playboy magazine's Miss July) in a school locker room.

The Orlando Sentinel talked to O'Leary:

"I approved the magazine," O'Leary told a Sentinel reporter after practice ended Saturday. "The guy called my office and basically wanted to know if they could do a magazine shoot. There was a UCF girl who had her MBA and all that. And the only thing I asked is, 'Is that a magazine that is distributed on campus?' And they said, 'Yes.' They've done I think four, since I've been here at least four, initial copies of football [previews] opening up the football season."

The incident has raised eyebrows on and off campus. Photos from the shoot, which can be seen here courtesy of WKMG, show the model, UCF grad student Shanna Marie McLaughlin, posing in UCF-logo underwear and holding a football between her legs.

WKMG also points out that the shoot occurred around the same time UCF "launched a massive family friendly media blitz to encourage fans to buy season tickets."

UCF apologized to those offended by the shoot. According to the Sentinel, a school spokesman "said that university officials would be reminding employees about the university's standards."