08/11/2010 04:31 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Steven Slater Animated Again! JetBlue Flight Attendant Freakout Expanded (VIDEO)

Think you've seen Steven Slater animated? Think again.

Yesterday, Next Media Animation released a CGI re-imagining of the events of Slater's freakout aboard JetBlue Flight 1052.

Now the company has put out an even more detailed depiction of the events that have made Slater a folk hero.

The video shows new footage of Slater getting a bag dropped on his head by an obnoxious passenger. (That may not be exactly what happened, but close enough).

After he curses out the offending passenger and zips down the emergency slide, Slater drives home to the waiting arms of his scantily clad boyfriend. The video ends with the two lovebirds closing the bedroom door behind them.

WATCH the latest version below: