08/12/2010 11:04 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Google Street View Pictures Capture Girl's 'Body' Sprawled On Sidewalk

Residents of a Worcester neighborhood in the UK feared foul play when they saw a Google Street View image showing what seemed to be a girl's corpse sprawled on the sidewalk of Middle Road.

''When we heard about the Street View images we had a look at our street and thought it was really cool," one resident told the Sun. "When you see a young girl face-down on the pavement you wonder what on earth has happened to her." The girl can be seeing lying with her face against the pavement and with her shoes scattered around her body (See pictures below).

While many feared that the girl was dead or injured, she was in fact playing a prank on her friend that, by coincidence, was captured on Google Street View's camera. Ten-year-old Azura Beebeejaun explained to the Daily Mail, "I didn't know anything about the Google Street View car. I fell over while I was playing with my friend and thought it would be funny to play dead. I heard a car go past me but had no idea I was having my picture taken, I was just playing a joke on my friend."

One neighbor said the ruckus caused by the Google Street View picture was "hilarious."

What do you think-funny or freaky? See the bizarre image, and other mysterious Google Street View images, in the slideshow below.

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