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How The Unemployment Crisis Has Swept Across America (VIDEO)

First Posted: 08/17/10 03:54 PM ET Updated: 05/25/11 06:25 PM ET

This disturbing graphic, by Latoya Eguwuekwe, charts the rise of unemployment across the U.S. from 2007 on. (Hat tip to Daily Kos, which posted it earlier this month.)

Displayed below is a time-lapse look at the so-called U3 unemployment statistic, which doesn't account for the underemployed and those who've simply given up looking for work. The graphic was last updated on July 15.


How have you been impacted by the financial crisis -- and how are you bouncing back? What are you doing to help prevent America from ever becoming a Third World nation?

We want to hear how you and those you love have been affected, how you are recovering, and what you're doing to improve your own community -- and, by extension, the entire country. Let us know in writing or upload a video to YouTube and send us the link, and we will add your story to the map!

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