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Baby Animals: Lions, Leopards, Porcupines, Monkeys And More (VIDEO)

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The Early Show on CBS received a visit from some rare baby animals on Tuesday, presented by Dr. Debbye Turner Bell.

"Prince Nemacolin" is an adorable five-week-old white lion cub. White lions are not albinos, but carriers of a recessive gene, and haven't been seen in the wild since 1994.

"Mabaka", an African leopard cub, is 13 weeks old, and has a penchant for nibbling on people.

"Izzy" is a 3-month-old African crested porcupine, which is considered the largest rodent in Africa.

"Stitch" is a tiny marmoset, only three months old, and his kind is the third smallest primate in the world.

The weirdest of the bunch is a 6-month-old European legless lizard, which looks like a snake but is actually a lizard due to its movable eyes, outer ears, and regenerative tail.


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