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Dr. Laura's Ironic College Journalism: Young Reporter Covered Obscenity Scandal

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Once upon a time -- before she was dropping obscenities on air -- Dr. Laura was writing about them for her college paper at SUNY-Stony Brook.

Laura Schlessinger never advanced beyond a staff writer position at Stony Brook's Statesman, Adam Peck of THiNK magazine reports. And according to Peck's look into the Statesman's archives, most of Schlessinger's stories were banal. But one in particular sticks out, especially in light of the doctor's recent troubles. The headline on the front-page report from the fall of 1964? "Two Freshmen Guilty of Showing Obscenity."

Schlessinger wrote:

"Two freshmen girls, found guilty of 'performing an act which openly outrages public decency, i.e., by displaying an obscene word in their window, they behaved in a manner contrary to behavior of responsible and mature university students' were sentenced to be campused."

Evidently, the "obscene" word -- which goes curiously unidentified -- was carved into a pumpkin. During her Statesman tenure, Dr. Laura also covered unionizing on campus and residence halls.

See THiNK's full report here.

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