Venice Art Crawl: First Ever Venice Art Crawl Tonight

08/19/2010 04:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

What: The first ever Venice Art Crawl
When: Thursday, August 19 from 5-9pm, and then every third Thursday of the month.
Where: Download this month's art crawl map here. The LA Times notes that this isn't your run of the mill, gallery-focused art crawl. Hotels, stores, and even garages and apartments are opening up spaces for the event.
How: Parking will be available at Westminster School ($10), and 20% of the proceeds go toward supporting the event. The crawl itself is free!
Why: Because why should Abbot-Kinney get to have all the fun? Plus, Brand X reports that there will be food trucks, DJ sets, and free wine. Enough said.

(Source: BrandX)

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