08/23/2010 02:07 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Anna Wintour Talks First Vogue Cover, Sunglasses & Bloggers

Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon recently chatted with Anna Wintour, drilling her on Vogue vs. bloggers. Wintour said that, "like any evolution in the industry, [fashion bloggers] force you to become better at what you do....They force us to dig deeper for stories, but we're not competitors; we serve different markets."

Leon also asked her about her first Vogue cover:

HL: Your first Vogue cover featured jeans paired with a Christian Lacroix jacket. How did this idea, which was so revolutionary at the time, come about? Do you still take inspiration from youth culture? Is there anything happening in street style that you find interesting?
AW: It was first and foremost a translation of a European aesthetic for the American consumer. It brought couture to the street and streetwear into Vogue during the era of Madonna's Like A Prayer. It was also a recognition of the importance of personal style in fashion, which has played a role in Vogue ever since.

Wintour also bemoaned the closing of an "oculist on Prince Street that had great sunglasses and is sadly now a wine store."