Karen Kalmek: Why 'Green Home Chicago' Uses Locally-Sourced Recycled Materials To Produce Quality Furniture (VIDEO)

08/23/2010 08:25 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In this video, CNN talks with Karen Kalmek, owner of Green Home Chicago, about making eco-friendly furniture that is also elegant and aesthetically appealing.

"I'm certainly not a tree hugger," Kalmek tells CNN. She describes her interest in crafting green furniture as being primarily based around job creation and poverty alleviation.

Kalmek stresses the importance of using recycled and reused materials to design furniture that isn't just green, but also beautiful: "If it doesn't look good, nobody's buying it."

Kalmek focuses on purchasing recycled materials from local businesses to produce her products, emphasizing the boost it gives to the local economy and the waste it saves from the landfill.


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