Pixar Director Teddy Newton Discusses Writing A Picture Book Based On Film 'Day And Night'

08/24/2010 01:47 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Director Teddy Newton brought his short film, "Day & Night", to the printed page this month with the picture book version of the movie, published by Chronicle Books. In a behind-the-scenes video, Newton discusses the creative process involved in transforming a short film into a book.

"We couldn't do everything that was in the movie. So, I had to truncate or even simplify some of the poses and ideas," Newton said.

The movie, which aired with the theatrical release of "Toy Story 3," tells the story of two characters with opposing dispositions (Day and Night) and what happens when they meet. The film features brilliant design and subtle details, while showcasing Pixar's distinctive mastery of dramatic storytelling.

"I had wanted to do a book from the moment the movie was green lit," Newton said.

This video exposes early computer-generated drawings used in the book, as well as illuminates the editing process behind the making of a picture book.


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