08/25/2010 09:16 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

First Couple Ducks Out For Dinner At State Road Restaurant, Obama Says He's Been Reading 'A Lot' (PHOTOS)

After going out to dinner at The Sweet Life Cafe on Monday night, the Obamas stepped out to eat again on Tuesday night. This time their destination was State Road restaurant in West Tisbury. Their dining companions were Valerie Jarrett, Eric and Cheryl Whitaker (who had joined the first couple on Monday night) and long-time Clinton friends Vernon and Ann Jordan.

The group emerged after spending two hours and 45 minutes inside the restaurant (on another dark and foggy night), and the president told the pool "I'm having a great time -- doing a lot of reading."

It's been a low-key vacation as the weather hasn't exactly cooperated. The president went book-shopping with his daughters on Friday, but over the weekend only emerged from the farm the family is renting to play golf and basketball.

According to State Road restaurant's website, the dinner menu includes dishes like artichokes frites, braised Berkshire pork belly, a grilled hamburger, pan roasted day boat fluke, and wood grilled lamb tenderloin.

The pool also notes that the voice on the restaurant's reservation line is Vernon Jordan's.

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See the outing below. Photos of State Road restaurant from the restaurant's website.

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