Ahmed Sharif, Stabbed Cab Driver: I Pleaded For My Life (VIDEO)

08/26/2010 12:41 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Ahmed Sharif, the cab driver who was stabbed for being Muslim, says he pleaded with his attacker for his life.

Ahmed Sharif spoke to reporters on Wednesday about his harrowing attack.

"I saw the knife coming through my neck right here," Sharif said. "Once I see his face, is so much anger and mad at me, I don't know, and hate. He have to kill me. And I ask him, 'Please don't kill me, why you have to kill me, what I did?'"

Michael Enright, an honors student from Brewster, NY, is accused of attacking Sharif. He's being held without bail.

Hear more of Sharif's comments in the video below:

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