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No Last Call: Unigo's Top 10 Party Schools (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 08/26/10 03:19 PM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 06:30 PM ET

The country's top party schools are ranked again and again -- but what really separates the rowdy campuses from the quiet?

Unigo went to students to find out -- and their testimonials don't sugarcoat the truth. See at which schools the students work hard, play hard and perhaps enjoy the occasional "morning cocktail."

What do you think? Make a case for your college in the comments section.

University of California Santa Cruz
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Perhaps the school color of the University of California-Santa Cruz should be ... green. According to students, group light-up sessions are not uncommon. As one student reviewer put it, “4/20 is a big deal to a lot of people here.” Another student stated, “as good or bad as it may sound, everyone at UCSC is in some way a hippie, a stoner, a free-loader, a vegan, an environmentalist, a tree-hugger.” And, since the UCSC campus is located on a 2,000-acre defunct timber ranch, students report it’s never too hard to find some “trees.”
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