08/27/2010 05:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Seinfeld' Flashback: Jerry Stiller Visits The Costanza Home In Astoria (VIDEO)

Jerry Stiller just gets more and more adorable over the years, and this video is proof. The Daily News made this 8-minute documentary of sorts following Jerry Stiller as he visits the Astoria, Queens home used in the establishing shot of Frank and Estelle Costanza's home on "Seinfeld."

Stiller had never been in the house as the show filmed on a set, so knocked on the door and asks the current residents for a look around. The old couple that lives there is almost as adorable as Frank and Estelle Costanza (and have oddly familiar accents.) Seeing how comfortable Stiller is in the home even though he's never been there is really funny to watch. We half-expected to see a Festivus pole in the corner! (Via Buzzfeed)