Little Girl Lays Down The Law In Adorable Note To Mom (PHOTO)

09/03/2010 02:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's no secret that notes written by little kids are pretty much the best, especially when it proves them to be way too stern or cynical for their age. A few days ago one of our readers submitted a hilarious birthday card she made for her dad at the age of five, and now yet ANOTHER reader has submitted an adorable note from their youth. Dana S. writes:

"My sister found this little gem stashed away in the storage room. I'm not sure what prompted me to write this to my mom. I might have been forced to reiterate house rules, or maybe I really did think I was boss. Nicole is my younger sister, who would have been an innocent (yes, even angelic) 4-year old at the time."

Whatever reason Dana penned this adorable letter, we especially enjoyed the last part, which reads: 'P.S. Why do you and dad hate me, and why do you think Nicole is an angel?'

We can't get enough of these, so please readers, if you any more of you have dug up hilarious things you wrote as a kid, send them to!

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