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Soay Sheep Are French Council's Cheap And Natural Solution To Clearing Abandoned Land (VIDEO)

First Posted: 09/01/10 09:11 AM ET Updated: 05/25/11 06:30 PM ET

In this video from BBC News, a French council has an inexpensive and environmentally friendly solution for managing overgrown lots on abandoned land: Soay sheep. The sheep's incredible appetite offer a natural alternative to costly and harmful alternatives like chemical weed killers or large machinery.

According to BBC News, the endangered animal is a descendant of early domesticated sheep, though much smaller than modern common breeds. Farmers had all but given up on the Soay for a variety of reasons -- they aren't good producers of wool or mutton, and are difficult for herders to manage.

Fortunately, the sheep's ability to eat almost anything and go anywhere make it a perfect candidate for clearing disused urban land that has been reclaimed by nature, and is giving the species a new valuable function in French cities.



Filed by Travis Donovan  |