Delaware Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell Just Received Her College Degree This Week

09/03/2010 01:25 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WASHINGTON — Twenty-one years after she began her undergraduate work, Republican Christine O'Donnell can accurately call herself a college graduate.

A spokesman for Fairleigh Dickinson University says the tea party-backed Senate candidate earned her bachelor's degree in English literature on Wednesday. Spokesman Scott Giglio says he cannot provide more information.

O'Donnell has been dogged by questions over her claims she graduated from the New Jersey school; she later conceded that while she attended graduation day in 1993, she did not collect a diploma.

Republicans have questioned O'Donnell's credibility as they try to stop her candidacy. She is in a bitter primary against Rep. Mike Castle, who has the backing of the political establishment.

The graduation was first reported online by Politico.