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Four Year-Old Maddy Cerra Raises Awareness About Endangered Orangutans

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When Maddy Cerra caught sight of an endangered species photo at school, she insisted that orangutans like the one in the picture needed her help.

The Diamond Valley Leader's Raelene Morey reports the Maddy, a four-year-old Australian native, is the region's youngest crusader for animal rights. Her mother, Danielle Cerra, says she explained the process of palm oil production and the resulting deforestation to her daughter. The burgeoning activist began to understand that this deforestation meant the destruction of orangutan habitats.

Maddy now carries laminated photos of orangutans with her everywhere, spreading the word about the problems created by the unregulated harvesting palm oil. In doing so, the miniature advocate joins the larger movement headed by groups like the Australian Orangutan Project, a nonprofit organization that supports habitat conservation efforts.

Four-Year-Old Activist
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