'Twist' And 'Amaze' Tag NYC's Deitch Wall On ArtObserved

09/06/2010 02:27 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

One of the best art blogs around, ArtObserved caught up with graffiti artists TWIST and AMAZE to about their latest project on NYC's famed "Deitch Wall" this weekend -- the work is a celebration of graffiti artists new and old. Check out their video below.

Art Observed was on site for Barry McGee's (aka "TWIST") new work on the "Deitch Wall" on East Houston and Bowery. With longtime collaborator Josh Lazcano (aka "AMAZE"), Mcgee spray painted simple red tags of the names and crews of graffiti writers from both past and present generations.

To read the full article on ArtObserved, click here.

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