09/07/2010 07:56 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

New Yorkers Disapprove Of Bloomberg On Schools, Term Limits: Polls

Two new polls spell bad news for Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

A Marist-New York Daily News poll shows that 49% of New Yorkers believe Bloomberg has "failed in his goal" to improve the city's schools; 38% said he has succeeded.

"Since Mayor Bloomberg took control of New York City schools, students have benefitted from system-wide reforms and better classroom results," spokeswoman Jessica Scaperotti told the Daily News. "Our students continue to make consistent, significant gains and outpace their counterparts throughout New York State and other urban areas around the nation."

Meanwhile, a New York Times poll finds that 73% of city voters want to reverse Bloomberg's extension on term limits, bringing back the two-terms limit that was in place for city officials before Bloomberg extended it to three.

Term limits will be on the ballot in New York this November after Bloomberg pushed lawmakers to extend them in 2008 so that he could run for a third term.

Last month, Bloomberg refused to discuss the issue when asked how many terms he now supports for city officials.