Keith Olbermann On Jeb Bush: 'Hey, It May Be Different This Time!' (VIDEO)

09/09/2010 02:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Keith Olbermann helped David Letterman forecast the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary Wednesday night.

Looking ahead at the crop of potential candidates, Olbermann and Letterman both agreed they'd benefit professionally if Sarah Palin were to run.

"How much do you want [Palin] to run?" Olbermann asked Letterman.

"It would be great for us, speaking selfishly," Letterman responded.

Olbermann said that it would not be "cost-effective" for Palin, who has a lucrative career as a speaker, to run.

Instead, Olbermann rattled off a list of names of potential candidates.

"Could be [Mitt Romney], could be Pawlenty, could be Jeb Bush," Olbermann said. "Could be another Bush, we haven't had enough. Hey, it may be different this time! That's his campaign slogan."

Olbermann also said that the theme of Glenn Beck's rally last month was "making money" and not "Restoring Honor."