09/09/2010 11:48 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mike Spears Challenges David Vitter To 'Epic' Steel Cage Match

While Sen. David Vitter's Democratic opponents are seeking to take him down by bringing his past issues with prostitutes and sexual infidelity to light, another Independent is seeking to defeat the incumbent through a more direct route -- by taking him on in a mixed martial arts cage match.

Independent Louisiana Senate candidate Mike Spears officially challenged Vitter at a Wednesday press conference to a three-round contest that would take place at a USA-Mixed Martial Arts "Return of the Champions" event on October 16.

Though Spears has no mixed martial arts experience, according to Lafayette's The Daily Advertiser, his proposition to Vitter was filled with the rough brutality of a seasoned pugilist.

"You and other career politicians like yourself, hell-bent on ruining this nation, have blood on your hands," the 46-year-old Spears said. "I think it's time you have blood on your face."

Spears also hit Vitter, 49, for his lascivious, yet oft-forgotten involvement in a high-profile Washington D.C. prostitution ring, and said that the Senator had to fight him in order to "defend his honor."

"Sen. Vitter's behavior - his admission to breaking the law in 2007 - has insulted the honor of Louisiana and the Louisiana Senate seat," Spears said.

Though Spears admitted that the odds of Vitter accepting the bout, which he described as an “epic battle between the American people and the out-of-control, tyrannical federal government,” were unlikely, he said he plans to fight in the event against a different opponent if the Senator is a no-show.

"I hope he shows, but I think it's unlikely," Spears said. "He generally avoids things when there's no upside."

Vitter has also rejected proposals from another opponent, Democrat Rep. Charlie Melancon, to attend a series of formal debates, though the two have faced off in informal public forums.

The latest polls show Vitter with a healthy lead over both Melancon and the Tea Party-influenced Spears, who was not listed by name in the survey.