Narrative Magazine's Weekly Feature: 'Palm Court' By James Salter (VIDEO)

09/11/2010 01:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Among the contemporary masters of the short story, none surpasses James Salter. We have followed his work for decades and have heard him reading many times but never more wonderfully than at a nightclub in the Bowery in November 2005 for Narrative's first Narrative Night, where he performed "Palm Court" from his collection Last Night. Salter's readings are rich with his ability to embody the characters he dramatizes, in this case two lovers whose story spans early and late midlife. The recording here is a transcendent occasion of storytelling art.

-"Palm Court" by James Salter (Part One)

-"Palm Court" by James Salter (Part Two)

-"Palm Court" by James Salter (Part Three)

-"Palm Court" by James Salter (Part Four)

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