09/15/2010 02:36 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

FLASHBACK: Mike Castle's Townhall Birther Confrontation As The Beginning Of The End (VIDEO)

Over at The Daily Beast, Benjy Sarlin digs through the archives and pulls an old clip of a Mike Castle town hall meeting, marking it in hindsight as the moment when things began to turn for Castle -- the beginning of his end was also the beginning of the end of a relatively sane period of public discourse: "It's appropriate in retrospect that a town hall hosted by none other than Mike Castle kicked off the first media feeding frenzy over birtherism and the GOP base's general turn towards anti-Obama hysteria."


Dave Weigel, a native of Delaware, offers a lengthy perspective on Castle's career, and the steady support from residents that was a constant in his political life. But I think Sarlin's found the moment where the firmament began to crack, and Castle's world went a little bit crazy.

How Far We've Come [The Daily Beast]
Requiem for Mike Castle [Weigel @ Slate]

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